About us

The company was founded 01.01.1992r. and was the second private bottling plants in Poland LPG. Stable management team over the years has ensured the continuing development of the company. The company in the first years after the founding of a small company was pouring liquefied gas cylinder, employment did not exceed 10 people, and gas sales amounted to approximately 140 tonnes per month.

Currently Elkom-Gas is a company that belongs to the medium, employment is 54 and the average monthly sales of LPG is around 1,100 tons in a well-organized sales network. Pouring gas in the cylinders takes place in the newly built liquefied petroleum gas bottling plant in the suburbs of meeting the requirements of the EU. Next to bottler is situated warehouse facilities, ie 2 tanks of gas at 200m3 each. This allows you to maintain continuity of production and distribution of gas.