Cleaning LPG

The range of our products in the LPG treatment includes various types of high purity gases (propane, butane, isobutane, and mixtures thereof, depending on customer's needs) obtained through modern purification processes which eliminate contamination of raw (sulfur, water, olefins, heavy hydrocarbons). The gases produced are chemically stable, non-toxic, colorless and almost no flavoring, almost free from unsaturated compounds and do not cause corrosion. Therefore, these products are referred to as "safe" in the event of contact with the environment. They are used in aerosols and industrial production.

We have the standard mix for a particular application:
  • Propane 9 95% - 99% - 99,5%
  • Isobutane 95% - 97% - 99% - 99,5% - 99,9%
  • Normal butane 95% - 99%